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Your Peace of Mind

Few people consider seeing a doctor for no reason, but if, like the majority of our patients you've had reason to wonder about your health, then our health screening can provide the answers you need. In many cases early screening has literally saved lives.

Our health screens provide a comprehensive consultation with an experienced medical professional where we can give you all the time you need to discuss any health concerns you may have.

We offer convenient appointments with complete confidentiality, a comfortable environment and a tailored, personal approach.

Note we ask that your insurance company forwards there specific forms that they want filled to the practice, or sometimes it is the bank themselves for a mortgage or life insurance. No medical test will ever be done without your expressed consent and you will be given all the results for your own peace of mind.

Your Initial Consultation

No two of us are the same and our health needs differ dramatically. As a result we've made our health screens as flexible as possible so that they can be tailored according to your individual circumstances.

An initial consultation with one of our doctors will include a focused medical history and a thorough physical examination including:

  • Height and weight measurement
  • Body mass index
  • Hip to waist ratio
  • Blood pressure
  • Condition assessment
  • Pulse rate, rhythm, quality
  • Peak flow
  • Breath sounds
  • Chest expansion
  • Abdominal palpation

With your agreement we can include a cervical smear, breast examination, prostate screen and specific blood tests as appropriate, and no additional charges will be incurred without your consent. Depending on your personal requirements we can also add a full fasting pathology and urinanalysis as well as resting and stressed ECGs.

After your consultation and having fully discussed your concerns we hope we will be able to lay your worries to rest. Should anything unexpected be discovered we will immediately suggest appropriate additional screening or onward referral to ensure any required treatment is received at the earliest possible time.

Your Test Results

Your report will be supplied within 5 days of receiving the laboratory results (including any further advice following blood tests results). The summary will include any advice already given as well as lifestyle suggestions and any additional tests or referrals that are considered appropriate.You can call to discuss you results without any further charge.

Flu Vaccinations

Inoculation can provide a significant level of protection against the flu and minimise your chance of being ill. Nobody wants to experience the pain and suffering caused by the illness and its disruption to home and working life. Our vaccines target the latest strains of the flu virus and provide wide protection. The inoculation can be delivered by a qualified nurse or doctor.

Dr John J Ryan Medical Director

Vaccine info for over 180 countries

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Going Abroad?

Make sure to book an appointment with us at least 4 weeks before you travel.

Contact clinic: 01-6314500

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